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Palmarosa, Chamomile, Juniper Berry + Ginger Mist - 50ml


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Space + Body Spray. Hydrating for the skin + an escape for the mind.

Wonderful as a Natural Perfume and to refresh from the daily hustle.

Blended using organic oils and hydrosols - no nasties in this bottle of bliss.

Palmarosa:   Balancing  +   Harmonising

Palmarosa is known for its hydration properties, beneficial for dry skin.
Emotionally this oil has a balancing + harmonising effect.

Chamomile:   Soothing + Calming
Known as ‘the plant’s physician’ due to the positive effect this plant
has on nearby plants, Chamomile has a calming effect on the mind,
body and skin.

Juniper Berry:   Grounding + Calming
Juniper Berry is a natural skin toner and is calming on the skin.
Emotionally this is a grounding oil, promoting a sense of peace.

Ginger:   Empowering  +  Stimulating
Ginger is referred to as ‘the oil of empowerment’ enhancing physical
and mental vitality.