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Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood + Coconut Mist - 50ml


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Space + Body Spray. Hydrating for the skin + an escape for the mind.

Wonderful as a Natural Perfume and to refresh from the daily hustle.

Blended using organic oils and hydrosols - no nasties in this bottle of bliss.

Neroli:   Soothing + Calming
Calming for the skin and the mind, Neroli promotes a sense of peace.

Rose Otto:   Soothing   +  Hydrating
Rose Otto is the goddess of oils, uplifting the spirit and comforting
emotions. Extracted from heavenly fragrant rose petals, this oil is
prized for its skin hydrating properties.

Sandalwood:   Grounding + Calming
Grounding by nature, sandalwood enhances mental clarity and is
renowned for its use in meditation.  Calming on the skin, this oil
is beneficial for a smoother complexion.

Coconut Pulp Extract:   Intensive Moisture
Coconut is reminiscent of tropical islands and summer days. On
the skin, this oil has intensive moisturising + hydrating benefits.