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Vetiver, Rose Alba + Coconut Balm


Vetiver:   Grounding  +  Cooling
Referred to as the Oil of Tranquillity, Vetiver calms
with a smoky, earthy scent.  Traditionally used for
balancing excess heat and increasing moisture.

Rose Alba:   Soothing   +  Revitalizing
Rose Alba is the goddess of rose oils, comforting  
emotions  and uplifting the spirit. Extracted from
the heavenly fragrant white rose, this oil is prized
for it’s skin rejuvenation properties.

Coconut Pulp Extract:   Intense Moisture
Coconut is reminisce of tropical islands and summer
days. Extracted from the flesh of the coconut, this oil
has intensive moisture and skin softening benefits.

This blend is suitable for use on all areas including
lips, and an overnight facial balm for an intensive
moisture boost.

Note: Rose Alba is super expensive making this balm a little more than our other balms. The benefits of using rose oil on any type of skin are many and you won't be disappointed you paid a little extra.