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Sweet Orange, Vetiver, Clove, Patchouli + Coconut Balm


Sweet Orange:   Uplifting  +  Easing
Sweet Orange balances skin tone and lifts the spirit
with a warm and sunny aroma.

Vetiver:   Grounding  +  Cooling
Referred to as the Oil of Tranquillity, Vetiver calms
with a smoky, earthy scent. Traditionally used for
balancing excess heat and increasing moisture.

Clove:   Stimulating  +  Warming
Clove warms and stimulates a tired body and mind.

Patchouli:   Grounding  +  Balancing
Known for its earthy scent, Patchouli grounds our
emotions and balances skin tone.

Coconut Pulp Extract:   Intensive Moisture
Coconut is reminisce of summer days and on the
skin this oil has intense moisture benefits.

A carefully curated blend of organic oils, butters and
beeswax,  nourishing dehydrated skin and restoring
skin vitality. Using clean hands massage well into areas
of distress, bringing hands to nose and breathing in
this harmonious blend.