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Black Pepper, Rose Geranium, Clove, Myrrh + Cinnamon Balm


Black Pepper:   Stimulating  +  Warming
Black Pepper warms and stimulates circulation,
relieving muscle tension and assisting the proper
function of the skin.

Rose Geranium:   Balancing  +   Harmonising
Rose Geranium balances hormones, having positive
effects on emotions as well as the skin.

Myrrh:   Grounding + Calming
Myrrh instills a deep sense of calm and tranquility.  

Clove:   Stimulating  +  Warming
Clove stimulates and warms a tired body and mind.

Cinnamon:   Stimulating  +  Strengthening
Cinnamon restores a vigour for life when we are
tired and exhausted.

Blended to assist the relief of aching muscles and
a tired mind.  Using clean hands massage well into
areas of distress. For full mind and body benefits,
bring hands to nose and breathe in the aroma.